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Should I pay for Anti-Wrinkle "areas" or "units"?

Updated: Feb 15

At Radianne Skin, we believe that you should never pay for anti-wrinkle "units". The more units you use to treat areas of concern, the more money you need to pay. Do you really need so high a dose just to have no movement? Overly increasing dosing/units does not necessarily translate to longevity of the product. On the contrary, it can lead to resistance to anti-wrinkle toxin.

Should I pay for Anti-Wrinkle "areas" or "units"?

We treat by "area" and this includes follow-up top-ups at your 2-week post-treatment visit, as required. You don't need to pay extra for these extra units. We want to guarantee a peace of mind that disregards the number of units used and go with what you need. This allows you to have a fixed budget for your anti-wrinkle treatments and not overspend on money that's supposedly allocated for something else! We know this firsthand especially when you've got a family to cater for.

Different brands of anti-wrinkle products will have different calculations of "units" and "mLs". The number of units and mLs required do not translate laterally across all brands for a similar anti-wrinkle solution outcome. This causes confusion to clients when they try to compare prices. We aim to eliminate this and focus solely on achieving our clients' aesthetic goals.

We value Transparency

Fret Not! We will still send you your treatment plan including the brand of the anti-wrinkle product used and the number of units injected at each area of your concern. This will be for your reference to maintain transparency on our part and to fine-tune your individual aesthetic plan for future sessions. If you require a top-up after 2 weeks, we will send out another treatment plan detailing the same for that appointment. We want to dispel any myths that you'll be none the wiser with the amount of anti-wrinkle product used when paying by "area". You are still in control!

Guide to Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Units

To achieve optimal results with anti-wrinkle treatment, the number of units required can vary based on factors such as muscle strength, line depth, age, and individual response to treatment.

Here is a general guideline for typical female patients:

Please use these values as a general guide for your next treatment. The units mentioned above are based on the most used anti-wrinkle brand at Radianne Skin.

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